"I bring screaming to the children." -DrPunchman



Yeah, I did a cooking show in 360. Thanks to Samsung and @PersonalChefLA.

I got to fly to Texas and film James Harden for FullScreen and Samsung. It was a fun gig. It was the most pampered I had ever been for a video shoot to be sure.

We love working with Teni and the FullScreen team. We helped incubate the project, provided training on the 360° camera, and helped polish the edit. It‘s easy to see why Teni is a star.

Testing Deep Dream settings for a Pie & Coffee project.

A promotional video I produced for DIRECTV.

Producing more corporate video work, this time it’s animated by the talented Harry Porudominsky (Green Lantern, Battle for Terra).

Early video exploring TV on the Tablet. One of my first “Video prototypes”.

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