I’ve been doing a lot of Spatial Audio tests this week, and before my brain dumps all my learnings out to make room for the next thing, I thought I would take the time to document what I have so far.


OK, so this is a Work In Progress, so… keep that in mind.


OK, so I love working with Stan Bush. If you don’t know his work, you have some learning to do.

Where to Start:

Google has some really helpful stuff here: https://support.google.com/jump/answer/6399978

First thing I would do is download Reaper64

Reaper is pretty easy to figure out, but one thing to keep in mind is that it is not the best video editing software. I do my video editing using an Adobe pipeline, you can use whatever you like (for PC I prefer using Sony Vegas, it doesn’t matter). What matters is that you use Reaper to spatialize audio for your video.


I like the AmbiX plugins. …Although TOA from Blue Ripple Sound look better (and have better documentation), and ATK by AmbiSonic are very handsome, Rondo360 looks amazeballs, and Two Big Ears has some cool toys too. That is a very abbreviated list.

Example Project:

So I’m going to talk you through a broken project, that is to say, a project that works in Reaper64 and nowhere else. Maybe by talking through it, I can get it to work, but… probably not.

the challenge is to isolate the audio to the area you are looking at. Because of how audio works, this is a fool’s errand. Audio doesn’t really work that way, but let’s try anyway.