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A system of writing in which each character represents a word.

With Rocky.js and CloudPebble I got to build my first Pebble WatchFace without having to learn C or whatever it’s normally built in. The only WatchFace I use has been the original text watch face (and now there are a… Continue Reading →

AE: Video Wall

Adding a ton of clips to a grid takes a lot of time, and is boring. You have to get the grid looking good, everything lined up… yuck. So I made a couple of scrips to make it suck less.

AE: Random Color

I’m not sure why this was so hard, but Random Colors in AE took way longer then it should have. I hope this saves someone some time.

Controlling Light with Plants

I have some plants connected to my Hue lights, and using the code below, I can molest them with Javascript.

AE: Dynamic Text

I use this script a lot. It allows me to set up the text effects I want in one clip, while keeping the text in a separate txt file.

AE: Hot Sin Animation

I like simple animation effects when I don’t have to tween each frame, like a chump. Here I am building a random “voice” animation.

Code Snippits

Helpful little snippets of code that I like to keep in my back pocket.

Bastardizing a fine template

I’m not a fan of WordPress. It is too easy to hack, and basically a time-bomb to getting my website hacked. I’ve been blogging off and on since 1990, so you think I would have it down by now, or… Continue Reading →

Some code I wrote a while ago for the media player/visualizer for Stan Bush’s Facebook App. I grew another grey hair just from typing that.

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