"I bring screaming to the children." -DrPunchman



Bombastic or pretentious nonsense. Basically, my 9-5.

I’ve been doing a lot of Spatial Audio tests this week, and before my brain dumps all my learnings out to make room for the next thing, I thought I would take the time to document what I have so… Continue Reading →

Last day of the shoot with Harry Porudominsky, Joe Szopa, and TOMs founder Blake Mycoskie.

Testing Deep Dream settings for a Pie & Coffee project.

My first public app has launched!

Showing off a variety of my team’s Virtual Reality projects.

Testing out a home-made stereoscopic Go Pro Rig.

We created a 3D projection room for prototyping various digital experiences.

So the other day I decided to turn my Sony A57 into a crappy microscope, and it has been amazing!

These are a few of my notes from 2014, various meetings & events.

2014 Hanukkah was made resplendent by the creation of the Menorahpus!  

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

A promotional video I produced for DIRECTV.

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