"I bring screaming to the children." -DrPunchman



I’ve been doing a lot of Spatial Audio tests this week, and before my brain dumps all my learnings out to make room for the next thing, I thought I would take the time to document what I have so… Continue Reading →

With Rocky.js and CloudPebble I got to build my first Pebble WatchFace without having to learn C or whatever it’s normally built in. The only WatchFace I use has been the original text watch face (and now there are a… Continue Reading →

Don’t be Social Media’s Bitch

A Quick Guide to Happier Social Media “I’m supposed to be active on here to heighten my comedic profile but I think I’d rather be gunned down in an alley.” -Eddie Pepitone

AE: Video Wall

Adding a ton of clips to a grid takes a lot of time, and is boring. You have to get the grid looking good, everything lined up… yuck. So I made a couple of scrips to make it suck less.

AE: Random Color

I’m not sure why this was so hard, but Random Colors in AE took way longer then it should have. I hope this saves someone some time.

Last day of the shoot with Harry Porudominsky, Joe Szopa, and TOMs founder Blake Mycoskie.

As a personal project, I’ve decided to study comedian Eddy Pepitone for 3 months. This is some of that art:

The audio book is good, but makes me wish I bought the graphic novel to follow along with. See larger image Locke & Key New From: $21.95 USD In Stock

Testing Deep Dream settings for a Pie & Coffee project.

Studies in Yupo

I do a lot of non-ironic portraits of Gianna Michaels.

Short stories of horrible things. See larger image Hyperion New From: $21.95 USD In Stock

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